5 offensive coordinator candidates for Colts if Jim Bob Cooter leaves for Eagles

The Indianapolis Colts could find themselves in the market for a new offensive coordinator soon, so here are a few possible options.
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Out-of-the-box candidate for Colts offensive coordinator

Dan Orlovsky-ESPN Analyst and Former NFL QB

Alright, so hear me out on this one. While I made it an out-of-the-box candidate, I think Dan Orlovsky would be a serious candidate if Steichen had interest. He has zero coaching experience but if you watch him on ESPN, the guy knows ball. More importantly, he can communicate it to an audience.

Now the biggest adjustment would be the schedule and lifestyle change, but he has said before he has an interest in coaching if the right position came along. It was even rumored that he was to be the OC candidate if the Colts had retained Jeff Saturday permanently. Orlovsky is probably better off starting as a QB coach but not having to call plays could keep the pressure low on him so he can learn on the job.

If that happens, it would certainly be a move that grabs headlines but it could be one that works out. Whether it’s Dan Orlovsky or one of the external or internal candidates listed above, the Colts will have options if they need to replace Jim Bob Cooter as offensive coordinator.