5 Colts defenders that must step up during Isaiah Rodgers Sr.’s looming suspension

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2./1. Julius Brents and Darius Rush have to grow up fast

Most importantly, the rookie corners that the Colts drafted have to step up and be ready to play immediately. Julius Brents and Darius Rush are the two with the highest expectations, but that also goes for Jaylon Jones, and second-year corner Dallis Flowers as well.

Before news broke of Rodgers’ situation, the expectation was that all of these young guys would compete for the cornerback spot opposite of him. Now, with Rodgers facing an inevitable suspension, the Colts could be starting two rookie corners, unless they sign one of the available veterans.

Even if Indy does bring in a veteran, one of these young corners will have to start and the others will be one play away from getting on they field. That means they all need to grow up fast and adjust to the NFL as quickly as possible, because Indianapolis will be counting on them.