5 bold predictions for the second half of the Colts season

This Indianapolis Colts season has not gone as most have expected but so far it has been a pleasant surprise considering all that has gone on to this point.
Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
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3. Julian Blackmon will earn an extension

I was wrong about Julian Blackmon. I said we should trade him and allow Nick Cross to take over and get some draft capital. I am now Team Blackmon and I think he is going to continue his strong play into the second half of the season. Through 10 games this season he already has a career high in tackles (66) and interceptions (3). He has also been healthy this season and has been the veteran presence with Kenny Moore II that the Colts have so desperately needed so far in the secondary.

Blackmon is giving us zero indication that he has any thoughts of slowing down and is on pace for Pro Bowl-caliber season. He is in a contract year and with many other key players in the same boat as him, he knows that his play must stand out above the rest. With the absence of a Nick Cross breakout so far, this will be Blackmon’s moment to shine and prove he can be a leader in this currently young secondary.

2. Colts will make the playoffs

There are some fans that are not happy with the Colts going 5-5 and there are some that are happy with the Colts being 5-5. I think if you told a majority of the fans in 2023 that Indy will be 5-5 going into their bye week with an outside chance of making the playoffs, they would be surprised but happy. There are some people that wanted the Colts to tank after Anthony Richardson went down with this shoulder injury but with teams like Carolina (Chicago owns their 2024 First), Arizona, and New England are really separating themselves as first pick contenders, so that thought process was quickly thrown out the window.

At 5-5, Indianapolis is now only a half game back from the seventh and final playoff spot. The remaining schedule is not terribly difficult and while this team has not played like a playoff team all season long (consistently) it does not mean they are not capable of getting a back door spot into the playoffs. Suddenly that final game against Houston at home might be a play in game for the final playoff spot if the Colts can handle their business against some of the lesser teams on their schedule.