5 bold predictions for the Colts in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Jalen Carter
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3. The Colts will select defensive tackle Jalen Carter

Given recent events and draft stocks rising and falling, a player that was expected to potentially be the number one overall pick, has now slid in this year's NFL Draft. That’s Jalen Carter, the talented defensive tackle from the University of Georgia.

When opportunity comes, you have to capitalize, and the Colts have a prime opportunity right here. Carter is a player that has received all the accolades and success at the collegiate level one could imagine from a defensive tackle, and now he is projected to possibly fall out of the top 10.

Yes, the Colts are solid at defensive tackle, but adding two guys who can be Pro Bowlers at the very least on the same defensive line in this 4-3 would be a nightmare to deal with. That’s the type of potential Carter has, and he could do damage alongside DeForest Buckner.

Additionally, Grover Stewart only has one year left on his contract, and the Colts may want to move on and not have to pay him sooner rather than later.

This pick is unlikely, but with the questions surrounding some of these quarterbacks, and the potential for a trade down, Carter may be more likely to be selected by the Colts than some may imagine.