5 biggest surprises for the Colts during the 2023 season

The Indianapolis Colts are in the middle of a season that not many people were expecting. Here are some of the biggest surprises Indy has seen in 2023.
Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The Indianapolis Colts at 6-5 are right there in the hunt for a chance to make the postseason, but to say that fans expected this heading into this season would simply not be true. This was seen as a rebuilding year with a young future franchise quarterback who would go through rookie growing pains. There were also the expectation of Jonathan Taylor putting together another strong and full season, but neither of these happened the way the Colts expected.

Now this team is the seventh seed in the AFC heading into a game being led by Gardner Minshew at quarterback, and Zack Moss is going to be the lead back heading for another few weeks. If you told fans the script the Indianapolis Colts got this season, people would expect this team to be down there with some of the worst in the NFL, but now they are just behind some of the best. 

This team has been full of surprises this season, with a new head coach, new stud young players, and great moves all around by this front office. The Colts have had to make changes on the fly, but the adaptation to adversity has been impressive.

The Colts are in a position where they all but control their own destiny heading into the season's final six games, and have a chance to give fans the true surprise of a postseason appearance. But, here are five of the biggest surprises for the Colts so far