5 biggest success stories for the Indianapolis Colts in 2023

The Indianapolis Colts saw a significant turnaround as a team and that was possible because of several individual success stories.
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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1. Being a game out of the postseason

For a team that was not expected to do much, finishing 9-8 has to be considered a successful season for the Indianapolis Colts. While the goal is always to make the playoffs, and they came just shy of that, there was still a ton of success to be had.

They had a tough three-game losing stretch against Jacksonville, Cleveland, and New Orleans, and one of those wins going in this team's favor could have changed the tides of the season, but there were great wins as well. Most notably, an overtime win against the Baltimore Ravens where Zack Moss went off proved that this team could compete against anybody.

Now seeing that Baltimore may just win it all once this is all said and done is encouraging going forward that this team was able to win that game. There was a lot to improve on though now that this past year is said and done, and it is yet to be seen how successful this team is with the young Richardson.

But there is hope now in Indianapolis, the defensive line showed they can ball, and they have a solid coaching staff to keep this team's development on track. The Colts were just happy to be in position to be in position, although the way the final game of the year ended was rough.

For there to be this many success stories in a year that had bleak expectations, that is a victory you have to be happy about for this team. The difference now is that this team will have grander expectations in 2024, and the Colts will have to find a way to live up to it all.