5 biggest success stories for the Indianapolis Colts in 2023

The Indianapolis Colts saw a significant turnaround as a team and that was possible because of several individual success stories.
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5. Gardner Minshew, next man up.

Gardner Minshew was brought into this Colts' team for the worst-case scenario of losing Anthony Richardson for an extended period of time. Well, with 3,305 yards and 15 touchdowns, it appeared that the worst-case scenario did in fact happen, but Minshew was ready for the task ahead of him. When Shane Steichen came over to this team, Minshew was brought with him due to their history in Philadelphia.

This move ended up being one of the best decisions Steichen could have made as a great backup plan if this scenario were to happen. With the NFL seeing more different quarterbacks starting than ever before, having an effective backup has become even more important, and the Colts appear to have that guy for the job. He was not necessarily playing like an elite quarterback, and there were some issues with turnovers along the way, but he did what was asked of him and then some.

For Minshew Mania appearing to be over for the most part, seeing it get one more good run at everything was a fun ride for Colts fans and just the NFL in general. His energy and vibe helped spark a team that was already going through so much, and he was able to bring them just shy of a playoff spot. His success will either get him a great contract with the Colts, or elsewhere, but seeing him get another chance to shine was a great bright spot in this interesting season.