4 dream scenarios for Colts entering 2023 NFL Draft

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Dream scenario No. 3: Colts move back in the second-round to build an offense around their new quarterback

It could end up taking quite a bit to overhaul this Colts offense for Shane Steichen. There is a good foundation already there, but they will need to retool and build up with more young talent to really have a shot at doing something in the AFC.

Moving back in the second round just a few picks makes the most sense here. With a trade involving the New Orleans Saints, the Colts could acquire several picks including the No. 40, No 115, and then 2024 fourth and fifth round picks.

With the 40th pick in the draft, the Colts can go out and get either the cornerback they need for the secondary or select a high-end wide receiver that can be a speedy guy down the field. The Colts will need someone quick in the slot after losing Parris Campbell in free agency, so this could be an easy pick in the second round.

With a later pick, this allows the Colts to build depth on the offensive line as well. Ideally, the No. 35 pick is moved to another team for more picks. The team will need a bit of an overhaul heading into this year so that it will match up with what Steichen and Gus Bradley want.