4 dream scenarios for Colts entering 2023 NFL Draft

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Dream scenario No. 2: Colts move back in the first round and still get their dream QB

I would like to imagine that Chris Ballard is not going to risk his entire career by moving out of the fourth spot just to gain some draft capital. But for the sake of argument, lets picture that one quarterback is off the board by pick No. 4 and the Colts like all three remaining.

Seeing that the Detroit Lions at No. 6, the Las Vegas Raiders at No. 7, and the Atlanta Falcons at No. 8 could potentially go quarterback, does that warrant a trade back to a safe spot like pick No. 7?

For this to work out, the Raiders would move up to No. 4 and give the Colts picks No. 7 and No. 70 as well as the 2024 first-round pick to move up three spots. This would secure the Colts an additional pick this year and a first round pick next year.

If the Raiders were to take C.J. Stroud and the Lions take Will Levis, this could still land the Colts Anthony Richardson. If they are truly fine with any quarterback in the top four, it wouldn't matter who is available, so long as the Seahawks don't sneak in and draft a quarterback, too!

This is a bit risky, but would gain quite a bit of draft capital. If all of the quarterbacks are taken by pick No. 7, then Chris Ballard better be selling to Colts owner Jim Irsay that they are going for the big fish next season and trading both first-round picks for the top pick in the draft.