4 dream scenarios for Colts entering 2023 NFL Draft

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Dream scenario No. 1: Bryce Young is selected first-overall and no one trades with the Texans and Cardinals

It's almost a gurantee that the Carolina Panthers are going to draft Alabama quarterback Bryce Young with the first-overall pick in this year's draft. That's what the reports tell us anyways.

Unless there is a crazy Draft Day event where they draft a linebacker and follow it up by trading up into the early rounds again to swindle another team out of their picks, it's a lock that they will be selecting a quarterback— likely Young.

The next two picks are trickier though because it is believed that the Houston Texans, at No. 2, only want Bryce Young in this draft and don't really have any interest in other quarterbacks. The Arizona Cardinals, who are picking third, already have their quarterback locked up, so they will be looking at defense.

If no one decides to match the price that it will take to get to No. 2 or No. 3, then the two teams could likely go with a defensive player like Will Anderson Jr., Jalen Carter, or Devon Witherspoon. If that were to happen, Chris Ballard and company have the opportunity to select the quarterback they want and not just whoever is left over.

You'd have to imagine that if the Texans do not draft a quarterback, they are going to do whatever it takes to get rid of the pick and trade back so their divisional rival doesn't have the choice of whoever they want, though. It would be a dream, though, for Indy to select the second quarterback of the draft without even having to trade up.