4 Colts players trending towards an offseason exit in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Colts are more than halfway through the 2023 season and it already seems like some players are playing their last year with the team.
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3. DT Taven Bryan is trending towards an exit with Colts

Ballard does love having depth at both the offensive and defensive trench positions. While Taven Bryan has been effective this season, he is on a one-year deal and with the ability to find depth easier at this position, Bryan could be the odd man out. DeForest Buckner is heading into a contract year next season and Grover Stewart’s contract is done at the end of this season. That means we could see some changes.

Buckner and Stewart are expected to be re-signed or return next season and second-year player Eric Johnson is sharing the thrid-tackle role on the defensive line while Stewart is serving his suspension. With the emergence of Johnson and the hopeful development of rookie Adetomiwa Adebawore next season, Bryan could be with a new team next season.

2. WR Isaiah McKenzie is trending towards an exit with Colts

This just has not worked out for either party really. When returner/gunner WR Ashton Dulin and returner CB Dallis Flowers both went down with season ending injuries, Isaiah McKenzie’s role became more aligned with special teams. The emergence of rookie WR Josh Downs has also kept McKenzie down on the WR depth chart as well.

He seems to be the gadget guy in the offense but the team just hasn't utilized him as much as we all anticipated. He only has 11 receptions for 82 yards so far this season but has done well on special teams, especially lately in the return game. His role can be filled with a different and younger player next season.