3 ways the Colts can stop Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense

The Indianapolis Colts will take on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 3, and they’ll have the challenge of trying to stop Lamar Jackson and a talented offense.
Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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1. Focus on the run game beyond Lamar Jackson

When it comes to Baltimore’s rushing attack, this includes Lamar Jackson plus their decent talent at the running back position. While they lost J.K. Dobbins to injury, they still have Justice Hill and Gus Edwards to handle the rock. 

They really only have these two running backs, but they do compliment each other well. Edwards is a very physical runner who will end up in short yardage and goal line situations, while Hill will get a good bulk of the carries becuase of his speed and elusiveness.

What makes these guys hard to stop is not just the physicality of their run game, but the option plays that Jackson’s speed opens up. Having to guess whether the speedy Jackson or the freight train that is Edwards will be coming at you at full speed is almost impossible to stop. 

Studying and shutting down those option plays should have been a major focus on defensive meetings, so we will see how much they locked in on that aspect on Sunday. This also goes for RPO action, as the threat of Jackson adds a whole new layer to your usual approach. 

The Colts will have a lot to work through before this tough matchup, but locking in defensively is going to be beyond important against this offense led by one of the best quarterbacks we have seen in a while.