3 veteran corners Colts can sign to replace Isaiah Rodgers Sr.

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2. Colts can sign Marcus Peters

Marcus Peters is probably the best available corner. After two and a half seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, Peters entered free agency and has yet to sign with another team. Peters did tear his ACL in 2021, but returned to the field in 2022 and played in 13 games for the Ravens.

At only 30 years old, Peters should be able to provide quality play for quite a few years, and bring his ball-hawking ability to whatever team he goes to. He has developed somewhat of a reputation for being a big-play-or-bust corner, because at times, he’ll either get an interception or give up a big play.

In his seven seasons in the league, Peters led the league in interceptions once, but has led the NFL in interception return yards five times, and interceptions returned for a touchdown four times. The Colts can certainly use his big-play ability as they get back to being a defense that forces turnovers.

A three-time Pro Bowler, and four All-Pro selections, Peters has the experience and pedigree to come and provide the Colts with solid cornerback play.