3 things the Colts should have on their Christmas list

With Christmas coming, here are some things the Indianapolis Colts should hope to find under the tree.
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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1. Shane Steichen wins Coach of the Year

Every coach puts the Coach of the Year Award on their Christmas list at the start of the year, but only one is lucky enough to get it in their stocking. Shane Steichen could be that coach this year, especially if this team finds a way into the playoffs.

No coach has had this much success, with this much adversity when you look at the candidates, losing your star quarterback so early, and not having your best running back in Jonathan Taylor, those are usually death sentences for a season. 

But the Colts have been resilient and it is mainly due to the quality of their coaching from Steichen. He has kept this team locked in and has rebuilt the offensive scheme around Gardner Minshew after the Anthony Richardson injury. While Dan Campbell and DeMeco Ryans will have great cases and are definitely deserving of the award in their own ways.

But if the Colts end up with a better record than Houston, and the Lions do not finish that strong to end the year, Steichen becomes the clear winner of the award. Either way, this is a season worth celebrating, and is a great sign for Colts fans for years to come.

While the award does not matter so much in the grand scheme of things, it would be great recognition for how the Colts have done more with less this season. The Colts have to keep earning it for their young head coach though, and that starts again against Atlanta.