3 things the Colts should have on their Christmas list

With Christmas coming, here are some things the Indianapolis Colts should hope to find under the tree.
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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2. Winning the AFC South

If you told your average Colts fan that they may win the division this year they would call you irrational, but it is now a real possibility. Injuries to C.J. Stroud and Trevor Lawrence have opened the door to potential losses, and the Jaguars in particular get interesting here.

Jacksonville has to take on a red-hot Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, but they have Carolina and Tennessee after that. If you are a Colts fan, you are also a Tampa Bay fan for the week while they play the Jaguars. The AFC South favorites have gone on a complete landslide as of late, and this has opened the door for these Colts.

As for the Texans, it does not get easier for them either, they have the Browns this Christmas Eve and then the Titans, the Browns are also in a playoff spot and have played well, so that is a losable game for Houston. There is a realistic scenario that holding the lead in the AFC South could be right there for the Colts after Christmas, but they do have to beat Atlanta of course. 

The Division may not change their playoff matchup too much, as the 5 seed would most likely give the Colts a matchup against the AFC South winner, but the home field is huge. Going from a rebuild to a home playoff game in Indianapolis would be such a gift to Colts fans, this team just needs some help from the other teams in the league to get it done.