3 things Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson can improve on in Week 2

Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson is preparing for his second career start. Here’s where he can improve.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts
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1. Protecting his body

This was probably the main takeaway the majority of people watching the Week 1 game had after Richardson's outing. Especially at the end of the game where Richardson and the word concussion ended up in the same sentence.

The play was at the end of the game, down by 10, Richardson tried to fight his way towards the endzone but ended up getting a big hit from three Jaguar defenders, and contact went to his head. Luckily, it seems Richardson will be just fine, but even Trevor Lawrence gave him some advice, letting him know these hits add up a lot differently than they do at the college level.

When it comes to your franchise quarterback, one of the main things he needs to do is stay healthy and having 10 carries a game where many of them he is getting hit, that will need to slow down. You cannot be as much of a physical runner at the NFL level as most quarterbacks are in college, Richardson has the body to handle hits, just not as much as he might think.

Richardson also was dealing with some knee and ankle soreness but is already off the injury report, so the injury scare is something he appears to be getting off without too much repercussion, but the lesson has been learned that protecting his body is just as important as picking up the first down at times.

Now that the first game jitters are out of the way, these should be things that Richardson will improve on going forward, but there is work to do for the young signal caller to extend his career, and improve his play.