3 things Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson can improve on in Week 2

Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson is preparing for his second career start. Here’s where he can improve.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts
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2. Decision making

This point mainly stems from Richardson's late interception that just about sealed the game for the Indianapolis Colts. Down by three, Richardson tried to fit a ball to Michael Pittman Jr. in a tight window but there were multiple defenders in the area, and it was intercepted as he couldn't get it over the corner.

The situation was dire, and Richardson was just looking to make something happen, but keeping your composure on what could have been a game-winning drive is important for a young quarterback to learn. There were also moments when Richardson would do a good job stepping up and avoiding huge losses on sacks, but would then try to get the ball out somehow, even if he had to do a short toss to a receiver.

While his ability to get rid of the ball is admirable, if a quarterback keeps forcing his way into getting the ball to a receiver rather than either throwing it away or just taking the sack, that can lead to catastrophic consequences if that turns into a fumble or an easy interception for a defender.

He also had become a bit too reliant on his legs at times, which is normal for a young mobile quarterback, but on plays that were not designed runs, the play would break down and he would immediately decide to try and take off. While this is a good quality in terms of him being able to escape and pick up yardage, it is important for mobile quarterbacks to use it after they are certain running is a better option than letting the play develop a bit more.