3 things Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson can improve on in Week 2

Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson is preparing for his second career start. Here’s where he can improve.
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3. Anthony Richardson must improve accuracy and deep ball

This is something that even veteran quarterbacks will need to improve on as their careers go along, but when it comes to a deep ball we really did not see that from Richardson in Week 1.

For most rookie quarterbacks, letting it fly is something that coaches will have them do later in the season as they get more comfortable in the offense, for now, they have to learn how to handle the playbook and short to medium-yard play designs. This will all come with reps, but seeing plays down the field more often would help open up the playbook.

But on some of those plays, Richardson missed some throws here and there that will need to be cleaned up going forward, notably a couple of throws that ended up behind his receivers. While the receiving talent is not necessarily going to provide as much separation as a young quarterback would want to, and not all of his incompletions were on him, there were moments where Richardson could have thrown better balls.

Again, this will all come with reps, better chemistry with these young receivers, and solid coaching from this staff, so this is not too much of a concern, and his accuracy was solid on most plays. What it comes down to is consistency, if his receivers know the ball is going to come to them on the money just about every time, that will lead to much better chemistry overall, and the playbook gets that much larger.