3 things Colts must do to get a win over Patriots in Germany

The Indianapolis Colts are in Germany for their Week 10 matchup against the Patriots. Here’s what Indy must do to come back to America with a win.
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3. Run. The. Ball.

Jonathan Taylor is back in full swing, so this Colts team should be reverting back to that team that seemed to run the ball every single play. Now, with an elite one-two punch with Zack Moss playing very well, and New England struggling, running the ball is your best bet here in Germany.

International games can also lead to quarterbacks feeling a bit groggy when it comes to being able to make the best decisions but running the ball does not require as much mental processing to have successful plays. Running backs seem to shine in these international matchups, so a superstar like Taylor should do that and then some.

New England does a good job of preventing rushing yards, they rank in the top half of the league when it comes to that. However, when you have a superstar like Taylor and an elite offensive line like the Colts have, that usually does not apply here.

And while Taylor has looked great in his return, Moss is a player you also want to get going a bit more, and make this a more even spread when it comes to carries. He only got seven carries against Carolina, despite his great performances in Taylor's absence.

If the Colts properly use the one-two-punch and make sure they do not try to do too much offensively, this team should have no issue picking up their first win all-time in Germany, and potentially forcing Belichick to coach his final career game.