3 things Colts must do to get a win over Patriots in Germany

The Indianapolis Colts are in Germany for their Week 10 matchup against the Patriots. Here’s what Indy must do to come back to America with a win.
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1. Get to Mac Jones

When you have a quarterback that is absolutely struggling and most likely has his confidence in himself all but shot, you have to expose that flaw as a defensive unit. It would not be surprising if this team runs a lot more blitz packages than they already do, and this can allow players like Shaq Leonard and Zaire Franklin to get a ton of opportunities to get to that quarterback. 

If the Colts can get pressure on early, they can not just get sacks, but they can force Mac Jones to make a quick decision, which has led to turnovers, including late in New England’s game against Washington. The Colts invested assets in this defensive line for a reason, so DeForest Buckner and Kwity Paye will also look to keep it up and have some of their better games this season.

The Colts have been playing well defensively all season long, and with an opportunity to pick up what should be an easy win in front of fans who are seeing you play for the first time, it is important to show out on that defensive line. This defensive line will not necessarily need to have a breakout outing to win this game, but it would sure help if they could get a few sacks on Mac Jones.

New England just has a clear situation to exploit here, and it could lead to this team seeing more than one quarterback during this game if Jones does not play well in the first half. That starts with the defensive line, and their ability to make Jones's life during this game a pain.