3 things Anthony Richardson needs to be successful in 2024 and beyond

There are still a few things the Colts need to help their quarterback to be successful in the future.
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The Colts must sign a true #1 receiver

Since the departure of T.Y. Hilton, the Colts have not had multiple number one receivers. Michael Pittman is going to test free agency and he is the best receiver on the roster for the Colts right now. Pittman has played well with all the different quarterbacks, coaches, and coordinators and Chris Ballard should look to bring him back into the building on a long-term deal.

The Colts will have a major issue if they don't sign a receiver since the only other receivers worth a number one spot are Alec Pierce who is still young and lacks route running abilities and Josh Downs who is a speedy slot receiver. Although Downs made a case for rookie of the year in the first month of the season, his production dropped off.

The Colts cannot expect Richardson to be successful if they don't give him the weapons he needs.