3 things Anthony Richardson needs to be successful in 2024 and beyond

There are still a few things the Colts need to help their quarterback to be successful in the future.
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Stable Running attack

A few years ago with Jacoby Brissett, the Colts rushing attack was one of the best. At that time the Colts bellcow back was Marlon Mack and they had Nyhiem Hines on their roster who they traded to the Bills. Hines was one of the best weapons the Colts had and Mack was a true bellcow back. When Mack went down, Taylor showed up and produced numbers everyone thought weren't possible for the Colts as they had a league-leading rushing attack.

This offseason they did a massive disservice to the rookie quarterback by not getting Taylor in the building with Richardson for longer than a few weeks. Richardson's running game was incomplete despite how good Zack Moss filled in. This all being said, the Colts offense and Steichen in general needs a strong running attack to be successful.

The Colts have all the pieces for a dominat running game but just need to apply it with Richardson behind center.