3 reasons Colts got it right by drafting JuJu Brents

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Julius Brents, Myles Price
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2. Julius Brents fits the mold for Gus Bradley

If there are two things you need to know about how Gus Bradley operates on defense, its that he likes to jam the receivers at the line and play a lot of match coverage that can sometimes look like man-to-man coverage in the secondary. This is a huge reason why a player like Kenny Moore regressed last year.

Kenny was getting used to playing more man-to-man instead of zone, which he has excelled at in the past. Another reason we saw more Brandon Facyson than Isaiah Rodgers last year as well. Bradley was comfortable with Brandon since he has been in his scheme before.

You want to talk about a player that jams a receiver and break up a play early, take a look at how Brents essentially stopped this receiver from running his route.

With plays like this, Brents has the ability to come in and make an immediate impact on the Colts defense. Not many are talking about it yet with some of the big names on defense that were selected in the first round, but he has a legitimate chance at being a top rookie defender in 2023.

Regardless of how the play above ended (it ended in a touchdown), Brents did his job to ensure that his guy was a non-factor in the player. This is a Gus Bradley style of player.