3 reasons the Colts got it right by drafting Anthony Richardson

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1
2023 NFL Draft - Round 1 / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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2. Shane Steichen is the perfect coach for Anthony Richardson

Remember how the Philadelphia Eagles almost went out and won a Super Bowl? Remember how good Jalen Hurts was in that stretch? That is how Anthony Richardson will be used in this new and improved Shane Steichen offense, as this is the new norm for usage of a quarterback in the NFL.

Hurts took some time to develop in terms of arm accuracy, but always had this physical and hard style of running that people questioned if it would succeed at the next level.

Anthony Richardson will have to undergo some of the same struggles in terms of accuracy development, and no Richardson did not play for Alabama, but he did see the elite defenses of the SEC.

This is where Steichen comes in, he has shown the history of developing quarterbacks such as Hurts and Justin Herbert when he was with the Chargers. Steichen's offense is built for quarterbacks to let it fly, and move around when necessary, and Richardson is someone who will look to thrive in this offense.

You also have the aspect of a first-year head coach looking to develop with a first-year quarterback, and if this all goes right, the Colts have a situation where their franchise quarterback and their franchise head coach both develop together. These two will look to build a great deal of chemistry, and that is something that can greatly outweigh talent in the NFL.