3 players Colts should completely avoid in 2023 NFL Draft

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Will Levis
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1. Colts should avoid Will Levis, Quarterback, Kentucky

If Will Levis is the fourth pick in the NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts may be drafting another quarterback once the next draft cycle comes along. Now, Levis is not a guaranteed bust, but the Colts need a quarterback who can produce by yesterday, and he needs a bit more time to develop his accuracy.

Levis probably has the best arm in terms of pure talent in this year's NFL Draft cycle, but that accuracy is not where NFL teams want it to be yet, so he becomes a project quarterback. The Indianapolis Colts are not at all in a position to develop a project quarterback, unless they go the veteran route and let someone else start out the year.

Levis can either be Josh Allen or Josh Rosen, and that all depends on where he ends up, and what the fit will end up being. The Colts do not have the talent as of yet to let a guy like Levis wait in the wings and make an impact a few years down the line.

Now, there are scenarios where drafting Levis goes well, and that is if he is able to go the Allen route. He has also shown solid running ability early in his college career, but toned it down most likely so he could avoid injury and keep his stock high.

Some players do just need to get thrown to the fire, and if Levis is that kind of player, then he may find success with this team. And if the Levis led colts are bad enough, then there may be a chance they get the prime opportunity to select USC quarterback Caleb WIliams in the following draft.

Time will tell though, and Ballard should be trusted to make the best possible decision.

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