3 players Colts should completely avoid in 2023 NFL Draft

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Quentin Johnson
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2. Colts should avoid Quentin Johnston, Wide Receiver, TCU

Quentin Johnston has all the perfect measurables that most people would look for when it comes to selecting a wide receiver in the NFL Draft. However, it all comes down to putting it all together, and it may take a bit for Johnston to go ahead and do that.

This offense is going to rely on speedy receivers, and the league has seen more elite route runners succeed rather than guys who maybe need to work in that area. Players like Justin Jefferson, Stefon Diggs and Cooper Kupp are all elite route runners, and Johnston has been more of a vertical threat style of receiver.

While he will make big plays at the next level, it just comes down to where would this team put Johnston in this offense? Michael Pittman has been a big-time threat, and this team already took a receiver in Alec Pierce to fill a big need for this team.

While the prospect of having a big-play threat down the field is absolutely attractive, there are other areas of need for this team to look at if there is a trade down scenario for the Colts.