3 Colts players who will not be missed in the 2024 season

There probably aren't too many surprises on this list.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The good news for Colts fans heading into 2024 is that, for the most part, you won't have to re-memorize jersey numbers. The vast majority of last year's team is coming back again, in part because of how aggressive Indianapolis' front office was in handing out contract extensions this winter. Core guys like Grover Steward, Kenny Moore, Tyquan Lewis, and Julian Blackmon all reached deals to stay with the team, which speaks to both the front office's plan/execution and the players' belief in what's being built in Indy. Still, some of 2023's key members won't be back next year, and these three guys are the ones that won't be missed.

3 Colts players who will not be missed in the 2024 season

Gardner Minshew, QB

At the very least, Colts fans will always be able to say they got Pro Bowl Gardner Minshew. And you know, we don't have to get into the whole Pro Bowl conversation right now, but we're all in on the joke. Give Minshew credit for playing the way he did over such a long period of time – winning seven games and throwing for almost 500 yards and 15 touchdowns in 13 starts is about all you can ask for from a backup quarterback. He was also doing it for $3.5 million, which is, uh, somewhat lower than the two-year, $25 million deal he just signed with the Raiders. Even if the Colts didn't have their franchise QB in place already, giving Minshew that kind of deal wouldn't go over well with fans. Plus, their new backup is Joe Flacco, which is arguably more fun.

Zack Moss, RB

This isn't to say that Moss didn't play well last season, because he did: the fourth year player set career highs in games played (14), starts (8), rushing yards (794), and touchdowns (5). And even the money he left for – a two-year, $8 million deal with the Bengals that includes an opt out after the first season – was doable for the Colts. This really just has more to do with the fact that they still have Jonathan Taylor on the roster, who's a year younger than Moss. Having both would have been nice, but it's hard to be that broken up about losing a running back when you still have an All-Pro on the team.

Jacob Martin, LB

Martin didn't make much of an impact for the Colts in 2023 – he did have two sacks, but he didn't start a game, had only four tackles, and played less than 20% of the defensive snaps this season. He's mostly been a reserve/special teams guy throughout his six year career, and while he did appear in every one of the Colts' game last season, reserve linebackers that play some (25%) special teams typically have a hard time staying on teams for long. Indianapolis was Martin's fifth team in six years, and there's probably going to be a seventh in 2024.