3 biggest weaknesses on Colts roster

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
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2. The offensive line is a weakness for the Colts

The obvious answer. The offensive line was Indianapolis’ biggest weakness last season, and Indy didn’t make any major changes up front. After giving up 60 sacks last season, and having an extremely underwhelming run game, the o-line holds the keys to the the turnaround. The Colts will go as the offensive line goes.

Again, there weren’t many major changes made to the line. Indy didn’t add any elite veterans, though, there are still a few quality names that are available. Instead, the Colts drafted a couple of tackles and signed an undrafted guard, who has the potential to be really good. With all rookies, it remains a mystery if they’ll pan out, and how long it’ll take.

Bernhard Raimann is expected to be the left tackle, Quenton Nelson at left guard, Ryan Kelly at center, and Braden Smith at right tackle. All four are capable of being much better than they were last season, but will they? Who will step up at right guard? Will any of the rookies be ready to step in? These are all the questions the line must answer.

With a rookie quarterback, these questions are especially important. If the offensive line doesn’t improve, the 2023 Colts will look a lot like they did last season when the offense was abysmal.