3 biggest weaknesses on Colts roster

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As the Indianapolis Colts prepare for the 2023 season, they must overcome these weaknesses on the current roster.

The offseason is all about addressing weaknesses, and for the most part, the Indianapolis Colts did a great job of that during the offseason. Mainly through the 2023 Draft, Indy addressed several needs by bringing in promising young players. However, it’s almost impossible to fix everything in one offseason.

Although the Colts have addressed some of their problems, there are still a couple of weaknesses throughout the roster. While there is still plenty of offseason left, Indy could address the remaining issues by signing or trading for veterans, or Indianapolis could roll into the season with these weaknesses and try to overcome them.

Let’s take a look at the three biggest weaknesses on the Colts roster.

3. Cornerback is a weakness for the Colts

Well, this is more of a to be determined than it is a flat out weakness. Last season, with Isaiah Rodgers Sr. And Stephon Gilmore, cornerback was a strength for Indianapolis. Gilmore reminded everyone how elite he was and Rodgers grew into a starting role for the first time in his career.

However, Indianapolis traded Gilmore to the Dallas Cowboys this offseason, leaving Indy with a really young cornerback room. Rodgers is returning as one of the penciled in starters, but opposite of him, the other starter will likely be a rookie or Dallis Flowers, who’s entering his second season.

There’s a chance that one of the three rookie corners that were drafted could be really good out the gate. In recent years, cornerback has been a position where rookies have thrived. However, there’s no telling if that will be the case for Indy. The cornerback room could be solid, but for now, the unknown makes it a weakness.