3 biggest strengths on Colts roster

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
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1. Rush Offense is a strength for the Colts

Defensive tackle probably would've taken the cake had it not been for some projection in this section. Again, although it's to be determind as it stands, a rushing attack that features Anthony Richardson at the helm and Jonathan Taylor in the backfield is a force to be reckon with, hypothetical or not.

Pairing the electric Jonathan Taylor and the athletic alien in Anthony Richardson with QBs-coaching phenom Shane Steichen is what we call a match made in heaven. Add in the fact you anticipate at least a halfway resurgence from Quenton Nelson and Co. and we're talking about a potential historical season on the ground for Indianapolis.

Many things have to go right in order for any success to be had, but the blueprint and the chess pieces are right there, just have to find a way to checkmate your way to six points often. From an offensive line resurgence to a sustainable yet dominate rushing attack, there's a lot riding on this hypothetical. Something tells me the most exciting part about the 2023 Colts will be its run game.