3 Best defensive back options for Colts in 2024 NFL Draft

The secondary figures to be a big point of emphasis in Indy next weekend.
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Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama

2023 stats: 14 games, 41 receptions (79 targets), 5 INTs, 50.7 Passer RTG

Arnold played defense at Alabama, so he's always going to get the benefit of the doubt. But even if he didn't play there, his stats and athleticism on their own would make him an easy first round pick. He's a 6'0, 200 lbs 21-year old with multiple years of SEC experience both out wide and in the slot, which is about as close to a Pro Style experience as college corners get.

His stats don't shine quite as much as DeJean's or Mitchell's do, though: his completion percentage last season was close to the 50th percentile, and according to Pro Football Focus, his man coverage was (just barely) below average. But on the flip side, he's a strong – and willing – run defender, which is not necessarily the norm with college corners. He made plenty of plays on the ball last year, though, setting a career-high in interceptions (5) in 2023.

Even a brief look at the stats and you can see why he's considered by most to be a half step below both DeJean and Mitchell, but any mock draft you run into still has him going in the first round. He'll be there for the Colts, if they want him.