3 Best defensive back options for Colts in 2024 NFL Draft

The secondary figures to be a big point of emphasis in Indy next weekend.
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Across the board, most NFL Draft analysts seem to think that this year's draft is about to get weird. The first overall pick is set in stone, but after that is anyone's guess. The Commanders hosted literally every available QB prospect at the same time, the Patriots and Cardinals have been loud about an interest in trading off their spots, and there's going to be a mad dash for the 4th-best QB in this year's class, probably in the Top-10.

That's all great news for the Colts. With a bunch of quarterbacks and offensive lineman projected to fly off the board first, it leaves Indy with a ton of intriguing options with their first round pick, the 15th overall selection. And while they could certainly use some help on the offensive line, and at tight end, the Colts' primary need is clearly in the secondary. They were a middle-of-the-road defense agains the pass last year, and even with Kenny Moore II coming off the best year of his career, there's a clear need for more talent there.

So if you're a Colts fan, pray for QB chaos. Pray for the Vikings, Broncos, and Raiders to all ignore the other holes on their roster in favor of QB4-QB6; pray that the run on offensive lineman starts extra early; pray that the Ravens don't call for some suspicious reason. Because if that all comes true, the Colts will have a chance to get a real difference maker – and these are the three candidates they could go after.