Jeff Saturday has been talking trash to Grover Stewart as he breaks out for Colts

As Grover Stewart has been having his best season with the Indianapolis Colts, he’s been having some fun trash talk with Jeff Saturday.

Grover Stewart has been the best, and most consistent, player for the Indianapolis Colts this season. Every week, Big Grove just wreaks games for opposing offenses. He makes it nearly impossible for opponents to run the ball and he also gets after the passer. Probably the best part about it all, Stewart does it all with a big infectious smile and some hilarious quotes.

There’s a good argument that Stewart has been the best defensive tackle in all of football this season. There are not many, if any, offensive linemen that can block Grover this year. However, there is one in Indy’s building that believes he can get the job done. No, it’s not Quenton Nelson. It’s the Colts interim head coach, Jeff Saturday.

Saturday, a six-time Pro Bowl lineman during his playing career, shared with the media that he frequently jokes with Grover Stewart that a prime Jeff Saturday wouldn’t have had any problem stopping this elite version of Stewart.

Jeff Saturday says he could block Grover Stewart

That’s certainly a great fantasy matchup. However, Saturday’s other words about Stewart really capture the player he is and how dominant he’s been this season. Playing in his sixth season in the NFL, all with the Colts, Stewart is a fun leader in the locker room and has officially arrived as an elite defensive tackle in the NFL.

Playing in all 10 games for Indianapolis, Grover Stewart already has 52 tackles, eight for a loss, three sacks, four quarterback hits, and two pass deflections. Prior to this year, Grover’s single-season high for tackles was 53, for sacks it was three, for tackles for a loss it was only six, and for quarterback hits its five. That means in 10 games, Stewart has either already passed his career highs or will do so in his next couple of snaps.

It’s truly an elite season that Stewart is having and everyone in Indianapolis is hoping that he gets his recognition when it’s time for end-of-year accolades. Fans know that Indianapolis isn’t the biggest market, and since the Colts haven’t been dominating as a team, players haven’t really been in the national spotlight, especially a guy with Grover Stewart’s status. However, he has been elite, and everyone who watches the Colts weekly knows that, as do the teams Indy play.