Andy Reid and the Chiefs know the Colts are better than how they’ve played so far

Coaches Frank Reich of the Indianapolis Colts (left) and Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs.Kccoaches
Coaches Frank Reich of the Indianapolis Colts (left) and Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs.Kccoaches /

The Indianapolis Colts will host the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3 and although the Chiefs are the favorite, they aren’t overlooking Indy.

On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts will play their first home game of the season and will be taking on the 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs. While fans are excited to finally see this year’s Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium, some are probably hoping it was against a different team because Indy is currently struggling and the Chiefs look like a team that will be in the mix for another Super Bowl.

The Colts will enter the game at 0-1-1 after a draw with the Houston Texans and a disheartening defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars. That’s why Indy is entering the game as underdogs and why many believe the Chiefs will make light work of Indianapolis. However, that’s not the mindset that Kansas City is entering the game with, at least according to their head coach.

On Monday, Andy Reid told the media that he isn’t letting his team get fooled by Indy’s record or their first two performances. Reid believes the Colts are a talented team with a lot of potential, so he’ll be preparing his squad for the best version of Indianapolis.

The Chiefs aren’t underestimating the Colts

While this may sound like typical coach speak, Reid was likely being authentic because he’s right. Indianapolis has looked awful through the first two weeks but it’s a reason Indy was a team that many people were high on entering the year. The reason is that the Colts have a lot of talent.

While it may have not been clear in the first two games, Jonathan Taylor is still the best running back in the NFL, Quenton Nelson is still one of the best linemen in the league, and whenever Shaquille Leonard takes the field, he will reclaim his spot as the best linebacker in football. In addition to those three, the Colts have so many more players that make up a promising team, even after the horrific start to the season.

Things have been bad but in the NFL, they can turn around at any moment. The Colts proved that to be true last season after starting the year slowly and then emerging as one of the best teams in the league before ultimately suffering two unreasonable losses. Andy Reid is just doing his part to make sure Indy doesn’t get things turned around this week while on the field with his team.

The Colts need to be doing everything possible to make sure this is the week things start to improve, no matter know good or prepared, the Chiefs are.