The AFC South is giving the Colts time to figure their struggles out

The Indianapolis Colts are off to a slow start in the 2022 season but luckily, Indy is a part of a struggling division in the AFC South.

One of the goals for the Indianapolis Colts this season was to win the AFC South. Despite having the most championships in division history, Indy hasn’t won a division title under Frank Reich. In fact, the last time the Colts won the AFC South was in 2014. That was all supposed to change this year.

But, the way Indy started the season made it look like it would be another year without a division title. The Colts had a draw with the Houston Texans in Week 1 and then were blown out by the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2. Not only are Houston and Jacksonville supposedly the worst two teams in the division, but they were also two of the worst teams in the league last season. If Indy is struggling with those two teams, the Colts can kiss winning the AFC South goodbye— or so you would think.

Fortunately for Indianapolis, all of the AFC South is struggling. Following Week 1, the division was the laughingstock of the NFL and that continued after Week 2. So far, the division only has one win and that was Jacksonville’s victory over the Colts on Sunday.

Colts can win the AFC South

In Week 2, Indy lost to the Jaguars 24-0 and the Texans lost to the Denver Broncos 16-9. The team that has won the AFC South the last two years, the Tennessee Titans, was embarrassed on Monday Night Football by losing to the Buffalo Bills 41-7. Tennessee is currently 0-2 and sits at the bottom of the division.

Just like the last two seasons, the AFC South was expected to come down to the Titans and Colts. While that’s still possible, both teams have a lot to correct, especially Indy. Even though Houston and Jacksonville had some promising moments through the first two weeks, most people are still expecting them to eventually fall to the bottom of the division.

The Titans will likely find their stride and by the time they do, the Colts need to have things figured out. Being a part of a weaker division can benefit a team when they’re struggling but Indy can’t struggle for long because the AFC South isn’t going to always wait around.