A fantasy football guide for the 2022 Colts

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 03: Jonathan Taylor #28 and Nyheim Hines #21 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 03: Jonathan Taylor #28 and Nyheim Hines #21 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /

The Indianapolis Colts are projected to be a good team on the field and they have some players that will excel in fantasy football as well.

Soon, the regular season of the NFL will officially kickoff. While that’s exciting in itself, it also means the start of fantasy football. While fans are cheering for their respective teams, they’ll also have the opportunity to be a general manager and put together their own team of players throughout the league. If they want a quality team, fans should consider drafting some players from the Indianapolis Colts.

Indy is loaded with talent going into next season and it’s not just the kind of talent that’s good for winning real football games. The Colts have several players that will excel in fantasy leagues that fans should get to know as drafts are approaching. Let’s take a look at which Indy players you should add to your fantasy team and when’s a good time to draft them.

Colts’ top fantasy players

Obviously, running back Jonathan Taylor is at the top of this list. Not only is Taylor the best fantasy player on the team, but he may just be the top-overall player this year. He’s definitely going in the first round of every draft and likely No. 1. If Taylor happens to be available when you’re on the clock, draft him. He’s a yards and touchdown machine and is still the engine of Indy’s offense.

The second-best fantasy player in Indianapolis will likely be a unit and not an individual player because it’s the Defense/Special teams. In most fantasy leagues, users select an entire defense and special teams unit and the Colts defense will be a great selection this year. Not only are they stacked at every level, but they have a knack for creating turnovers and that equates to a lot of points in fantasy.

After Taylor and the defense, the next two Colts players that fans should consider are Nyheim Hines and Michael Pittman Jr. Pittman is Indy’s No. 1 receiver and should improve on his 1,000-yard, six-touchdown season from last year and Hines will be the epitome of a flex. Indy will get him involved as a runner and a receiver and he should provide great value.

Colts’ sleeper players in fantasy

Hines could be a sleeper depending on how much people have been paying attention to Indianapolis but his fantasy production should rival guys that will be priority picks. Indy does have a couple of guys that are actually sleepers that fans should gamble on in late rounds.

Those players are receivers, Parris Campbell and Alec Pierce. They will likely be available in late rounds and it’s no guarantee that they will have productive fantasy years but they are worth a late-round gamble.

Campbell has already built a rapport with Colts quarterback Matt Ryan and it’s evident that he will be a big part of the offense. However, he has struggled to stay healthy so that makes picking him a gamble.

Pierce, on the other hand, is a rookie but he’s equipped with good size and phenomenal tools. If he can quickly adjust to the NFL, he has a chance to have a nice role in the offense and can rack up a lot of points for fantasy owners.

Overall, the Colts have a team that could compete for an NFL championship this season and they also have several players that fans should consider drafting in order to win a fantasy championship.