Stephon Gilmore has been giving the Colts offense fits, but they love the challenge

With training camp in full swing, Stephon Gilmore has stood out for this Indianapolis Colts defense that is challenging the offense daily.

When camp began, I was interested to see which side of the ball would win most of the battles for the Indianapolis Colts when the two sides faced off against each other. It seems that it has been the defense. This came as a surprise to me as I figured with Shaquille (Darius) Leonard recovering from back surgery, that the defense would struggle at practice.

However, that’s not the case, and it’s thanks in part to a new addition. The Colts look like they have made one of the more underrated moves in the offseason with the acquisition of All-Pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

Everyone is taking notice of Stephon Gilmore

It seems like every day there is a highlight posted on social media about an interception or a pass break-up from Gilmore. He is going to bring another dimension that Indianapolis has not had in a long time. He is going to be able to lock down most top wide receivers night in, and night out. Multiple Colts’ reporters have said that Gilmore has looked like the best player on the field for many days of camp.

What will Gilmore’s play do for the Colts?

Gilmore is going to be a leader on this team that will have an impact for a long time with this young Indy squad. He is also getting these receivers ready for Sundays against other teams when the lights are on. He is truly looking like the DPOY that he was back in 2019.

Coach Frank Reich is really high on Gilmore’s play and the impact that he has had thus far into the season. Reich talks about how he looks at Gilmore from a “quarterback’s perspective” and how he is one of those guys that you fear when you are out there on the field.

Quarterback Matt Ryan said in an interview about Gilmore that he “had to be accurate and make good decisions.” He then went on to say that it was “good work for the receivers, and it was good work for me.”

Gilmore is impacting his team in more than a couple of ways. The impact that he is having now will be huge for this team down the line. He is getting receivers ready to face stiff corners like himself, he is preparing Matt Ryan to face good defenses this season, and he is also going to be a leader and a winner. That is something that this Colts team is in dire need of.