Bleacher Report explains why Colts could be one of the most disappointing teams this season

The Indianapolis Colts are entering the season with a lot of excitement and expectations but Bleacher Report thinks Indy may be a disappointment.

The Indianapolis Colts have a new quarterback that everyone in the organization has been raving about. They also have a former Defensive Player of the Year that has been playing lights out in camp and a former Pro Bowl pass rusher that has quickly endeared himself to the Indiana community. This is all in addition to the seven returning Pro Bowlers from last season and many other promising young players.

With Indy’s roster and coaching staff, many believe that the Colts are a team that can contend for a championship. They should certainly win the AFC South and earn themselves a spot in the postseason where they could make some noise.

Unfortunately, with expectations comes room for disappointment. Last season, the Colts created expectations for themselves by winning nine of 12 games in the middle of the season. That’s why it was so disappointing that Indy lost its last two games and missed the playoffs.

Now, Indianapolis has created some new excitement and expectations with all of its offseason moves. Unfortunately, some think this may just lead to more disappointment. In a recent article for Bleacher Report, Alex Kay named seven teams most likely to disappoint in 2022. One of the teams on the list was the Indianapolis Colts.

Will Colts fall short of expectations?

In order to be considered a disappointment, the team has to fall short of their win projections. Bleacher Report has Indianapolis projected to win 10 games and Kay gives three reasons why Indy may not reach that win total.

The first reason is the issue everyone highlights, Indy’s wide receiver room. Kay argues, “The wide receiver position lacks polish even after the team used a second-round pick for the third time in four years to try to unearth more talent.” Kay is right, if some of the younger receivers don’t step up, the Colts have reason to be worried.

The next reason Kay gave was the offensive line. Kay highlighted the offensive line’s pass-blocking struggles as well as the uncertainty at left tackle. It’s fair to say that’s something that needs to be figured out if the Colts will go far.

Kay’s final argument was that “Ryan may be washed up as well after one of his worst seasons as a professional.” That’s Ryan, as in Matt Ryan, the quarterback that everyone has been buzzing about this offseason.

Ultimately, the consensus theme is that Indy’s offense is in question until it proves itself. The only certainty on the offensive side of the ball is that the Colts can run really well. However, they will have to get the passing game in order if they are going to take things to another level.

It’s hard to argue with that premise, but, it’s fair to say that Indy will have a more improved passing game and the team will win at least 10 games. The Colts have the talent to win 10 games and the division, and that should be the bare minimum for their expectations next year.