Should fans get excited about Ben Banogu’s production in Colts training camp?

Colts DL Ben Banogu (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Colts DL Ben Banogu (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

Ben Banogu has been having a good training camp for the Indianapolis Colts but should fans be excited about his regular season potential?

As training camp approached, Ben Banogu was marked as a player for the Indianapolis Colts that may not make it to Indy’s final 53-man roster. Considering that he’s entering the final season of his four-year rookie contract, after an underwhelming three years, many predicted that Banogu would either be cut or traded before the start of the regular season.

While there’s still a chance that happens, Banogu has shown up to training camp motivated to prove that he belongs in this league. So far, he has consistently been making splash plays and has been performing like a quality edge rusher in 1-on-1 matchups and full team periods.

While this is promising to see, it’s fair to ask, should fans really be moved by this? This isn’t the first time Banogu has made positive headlines in a training camp for the Colts. In years past, he has been promising in camp but underwhelming once the season starts. Will this year be different?

Can Ben Banogu finally be productive for Colts?

While Banogu has had camps where he flashed potential, he has only racked up 2.5 sacks since being drafted by Indianapolis in 2019 and they all were in his rookie season. In three years, Banogu has played in 34 games for the Colts and hasn’t started any.

But, he knows this is his last chance, so maybe he has a little extra motivation. Or, Banogu could be benefiting from playing in a new defensive system under Gus Bradley. Sometimes players just need a reset, either with coaches or an entirely new team.

There’s still a chance that Banogu may get that fresh start with a new team, but for now, he is with the Colts and is on pace to make the final roster again. Hopefully, this season can be different and Ben Banogu can actually be an impact player for Indianapolis.