Chris Ballard says Colts were never interested in Julio Jones but TY Hilton still a possibility

Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons (left) and T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts.Coltfalccover
Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons (left) and T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts.Coltfalccover /

General manager Chris Ballard revealed that the Indianapolis Colts are still in the mix for a veteran wide receiver but are being selective.

The Indianapolis Colts are unable to escape the pressure to add a veteran wide receiver. Since last season ended, that’s all the team has been hearing. However, Indy’s only wide receiver move was drafting Alec Pierce in the second round. With training camp starting up, do the Colts have one more receiver move up their sleeve?

On Tuesday, general manager Chris Ballard revealed that it’s possible. Speaking with the media, Ballard fielded the kind of receiver questions he’s been answering all offseason. He was asked about two veterans that have been linked to Indianapolis: Julio Jones and TY Hilton.

Despite Jones’ connection with Indy’s quarterback Matt Ryan, Ballard made clear that the Colts were never interested, no matter what reports were circulating. Jones signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers anyway.

On the other hand, Ballard did admit that it’s still possible that TY Hilton may return to Indianapolis for an 11th season.

TY Hilton may still return to the Colts

If Indianapolis does bring in a veteran receiver, Hilton makes the most sense. Ballard has said countless times that he believes Hilton can still be productive when healthy, and by all accounts, Hilton is healthy. Additionally, Hilton wants to continue playing and it just wouldn’t be right to see him in any other uniform besides a Colts one.

However, bringing back Hilton wouldn’t just be a move based on nostalgia, it’s one that can actually benefit Indianapolis. Currently, the veteran receiver in Indy is third-year Michael Pittman Jr. He’s also the only proven receiver for the Colts.

Indy can use another established receiver for leadership and production. Any veteran wideout that’s signed will actually see the field because the wide receiver room is light. Of the veteran receivers still available, Hilton, and Odell Beckham Jr. are the top remaining.

It seems unlikely that the Colts would sign Beckham Jr. since he tore his ACL in the February Super Bowl. That leaves Hilton, who has played his entire career in Indianapolis. It’s only right that he comes and finishes it in Indy.