3 reasons Colts will make the playoffs this season

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New Indianapolis Colts QB Matt Ryan takes questions during a press conference at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center in Indianapolis. /

Reason No. 3: Matt Ryan adds stability to Colts’ offense

The biggest reason the Colts will be back in the playoffs in 2022 is Matt Ryan. The Colts missed leadership at the quarterback position in 2022 and time and time again, Carson Wentz failed to come through in the clutch moments.

Matt Ryan brings the intangibles that Indy needs in order to get to that next level. He has experience in most situations in the NFL, he’s played in a Super Bowl, and he has been one of the healthiest quarterbacks throughout his career. Over the course of his fourteen-year career, Matt Ryan has only missed three games.


Matt Ryan is a known leader and he has already shown that in Indianapolis. The Colts will never be completely out of a game with Matt Ryan at the helm. Matt Ryan is tied for seventh in all-time fourth-quarter comebacks for a quarterback, so he will always be able to help the team battle.

Additionally, with Ryan’s play style, he should fit in really well in Frank Reich’s offense and really help Indy’s young developing receivers. Bringing along the receivers will improve the passing game and make the Colts’ offense even more dangerous.

With Matt Ryan and an elite defense for Indianapolis, fans should be excited for the upcoming run in 2022.