3 reasons Colts will make the playoffs this season

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The Indianapolis Colts missed the playoffs last year, but after a quality offseason, they are set up to make the postseason in 2022.

The Indianapolis Colts missed the playoffs last year after a shocking loss in the final week of the season to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The front office spent this offseason correcting some of their mistakes from last year as well as adding pieces to an already talented roster.

These additions have Colts fans not just hoping for a playoff run, but expecting it. Indy comes into next season with the highest expectations since the departure of Andrew Luck. I believe fans are in luck because Indianapolis will be a playoff team this year.

There are several things working for Indy’s playoff hopes but three really stick out. Let’s take a look at the three main reasons the Colts will make the postseason.

Reason No. 1: Colts play in a weak division

If you take a look at the moves the other teams in the AFC South made, the division actually got weaker this offseason. The Tennessee Titans have been Indy’s biggest competition in the division for the past few years and they made some questionable moves this offseason.

Tennessee traded away AJ Brown on draft night, then replaced him with rookie wideout Treylon Burks, who has already been listed to have bust potential. The Titans also added wideout Robert Woods, but he is coming off of a torn ACL.

Taking a look at the top of the AFC South, it would likely be Indianapolis and Tennessee battling for the number one spot again. The Colts had a better offseason compared to Tennessee and will have the better roster this upcoming season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans sat at the bottom of the AFC South last year and that should be the case again this year. The Jaguars have started to acquire some young talent, but they’re still in the early stages of a rebuild. The Texans have a long rebuild ahead of them and will be in contention to be the worst team in the NFL next season.