What Colts players would make an All-AFC South Team?

Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts (left) and Derrick Henry of the Tennessee TitansColtstitansrb
Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts (left) and Derrick Henry of the Tennessee TitansColtstitansrb /
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Colts, Darius Leonard
Darius Leonard and Kenny Moore II of the Indianapolis Colts react to tackling Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

All-AFC South Team Defensive Line

Defensively, this division is full of studs on every level, and that all starts up front with the defensive line. Just like on the other side of the ball, the line over here is hard to top across the league.

35. Scouting Report. Denico Autry. DE. player. Pick Analysis. DE. Tennessee Titans

Pick Analysis. DT. Indianapolis Colts. Deforest Buckner. player. Scouting Report. DT. 46

Tennessee Titans. player. 35. Scouting Report. DT. JefferySimmons. DT. Pick Analysis

Houston Texans. JonathanGreenard. 10. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. DE. DE. player

Denico Autry, as a veteran disrupter of two different teams in the division, leads the core of talent on the line. Over the last two years, his presence has been a mainstay for both defenses he’s been a member of.

DeForest Buckner and Jeffery Simmons man the middle with dual capabilities as both run stoppers and pass rush nightmares. The Texans have a young and upcoming beast to rush the passer in Jonathan Greenard. Working with this group is a surefire way to develop into a household name.

All-AFC South Team Linebackers

46. Scouting Report. Indianapolis Colts. DariusLeonard. LB. player. Pick Analysis. LB

HaroldLandry. LB. player. Pick Analysis. LB. Tennessee Titans. 35. Scouting Report

Pick Analysis. JoshAllen. player. 52. Scouting Report. LB. Jacksonville Jaguars. LB

Surrounding the top LB in football with two insane pass rushers takes the second level of the defense to a whole new level. Scheming blitzes with Landry and Allen while Leonard mans the middle of the field makes for plenty of strip-sacks and forced fumble turnover opportunities.

All-AFC South Team Secondary

CB. StephonGilmore. player. 46. Pick Analysis. Indianapolis Colts. CB. Scouting Report

NCB. Indianapolis Colts. KennyMoore. player. Scouting Report. 46. CB. Pick Analysis

player. CB. Tennessee Titans. KristianFulton. CB. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. 35

Tennessee Titans. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. KevinByard. S. 35. S

Pick Analysis. S. 46. Scouting Report. Indianapolis Colts. JulianBlackmon. S. player

A backfield with a former DPOY is insanely tough. Adding in the NFL’s best Nickel Corner, two ball hawk-minded safeties, and a young up-and-coming corner in Kristian Fulton makes this group a complete No-fly zone.

All-AFC South Team Special Teams

To round things out is the specialist. Special teams don’t typically get as much love but they’re a unit that can win and lose a team football games. Fortunately, Indy has had one of the best special teams in the NFL the last few seasons and that’s represented as they make up the entirety of the All-AFC South specialist.

  • Kick/Punt Returner – CB Isaiah Rodgers Indianapolis Colts
  • Kicker – Rodrigo Blankenship Indianapolis Colts
  • Punter – Rigoberto Sanchez Indianapolis Colts
  • Long Snapper – Luke Rhodes Indianapolis Colts