Experts continue to question why the Colts hired Gus Bradley

The Indianapolis Colts have a new defensive coordinator in Gus Bradley but some NFL experts are questioning if it’s a good fit.

This offseason, the Indianapolis Colts had to find a new defensive coordinator after Matt Eberflus accepted the head coaching job with the Chicago Bears. Indy decided to clean house defensively and moved on with Gus Bradley.

Bradley has been coaching NFL football since 2006 and he has been a part of some great defenses. His most notable tenure was his stint with the Seattle Seahawks when he mobilized the legendary Legion of Boom defense.

Considering Bradley’s history and the talent the Colts have defensively, some felt this was a great pairing that could lead to a dominant defense. However, there are also some that are skeptical of Bradley’s hire in Indianapolis.

Recently, Bill Barnwell from ESPN doubted Bradley’s ability to coach a top defense without the help of an elite safety, and now, Jared Dubin of CBS Sports is calling the Bradley hire the most questionable move of Indy’s offseason.

Will Gus Bradley work out for the Colts?

Dubin argues that Indianapolis will struggle to change schemes under Bradley because he has a different system than Matt Eberflus, and even more concerning, Dubin says the Colts will “become one of the NFL’s most predictable defenses.” Bradley’s work with the Raiders last season against Kansas City was used to demonstrate the predictable problem.

Both Barnwell and Dubin bring up solid points questioning the hire of Bradley. However, no points are strong enough to doubt Indy’s defense heading into the season.

Bradley may have had some questionable moments in his lengthy career, but he’s had some good moments as well. Additionally, the Indianapolis defense is loaded with stars and it’s more than enough talent to figure something out.

As long as no player or coach is being too stubborn, this unit has the knowledge, skill, and experience to be able to adapt and find the right defense in order to be a competent unit.