4 Colts made CBS Sports’ top 100 players but there was one noticeable snub

The Indianapolis Colts were well represented in CBS Sports’ top 100 player rankings but there’s one player that was unjustly left off the list.

It’s now the part of the offseason where fans will be subject to endless lists and rankings. Whether it’s team rankings or player rankings, there will be plenty of them for fans to analyze and tear apart for terrible ordering.

That has already started with Pete Prisco of CBS Sports releasing his top 100 NFL players rankings. It’s a list that the Indianapolis Colts are rightfully well represented on, however, there is one noticeable Colts admission that must be pointed out.

In total, Prisco included four Indy players in the top 100. Jonathan Taylor was the highest-ranked for the Colts coming in at No. 24. Next for Indianapolis at No. 37 was Quenton Nelson, the elite lineman that will soon sign a massive contract extension.

A couple of spots after Nelson is Darius Leonard at No. 40. Prisco calls Leonard “the perfect style of linebacker for this era of football.” Leonard is arguably the best linebacker of this era as well, and he has a case to be even higher on this list.

Rounding out the list for the Colts is DeForest Buckner at No. 81. He’s consistently been one of the best defensive tackles in football so he’s definitely deserving of a spot.

With Buckner being the final Indy player at No. 81, that means Kenny Moore did not make the list. However, he is no doubt a top 100 player in the NFL.

Kenny Moore snubbed on CBS’ top 100 player list

For a while, it was commonplace for Moore to be left off lists or not included in rankings. That’s why he developed a reputation for being the most underrated and unsung player in the league. However, that started to change last season.

Kenny Moore made the first Pro Bowl of his career and everyone across the league took notice of how elite of a defender he is. With his versatile skills, Moore has proved that he is one of the best 100 players in the NFL.

He along with the rest of the members on this list will be focused on leading the Colts to a better season than they had last year. With all of the talent in Indianapolis, expectations are high.