Chris Ballard explains why Colts haven’t signed a veteran receiver yet

The Indianapolis Colts haven’t signed a veteran receiver despite pressure from fans and the media but Chris Ballard explains it’s intentional.

All offseason, the Indianapolis Colts have been told to add receivers. First, it was just any receiver. Early in the offseason, Indy could’ve gone after a number of guys that joined new teams. However, the Colts sat patiently.

So then, fans and media members requested that Indianapolis at least draft a receiver. That request was fulfilled when the Colts selected Alec Pierce with their top overall pick in the Draft. Pierce has delivered good early results but he is a rookie and only solves part of the equation.

That’s why, since the NFL Draft, fans and the media have both been urging Indianapolis to sign a veteran receiver. The most experienced player in Indy’s receiver room is 24-year-old Michael Pittman Jr., and he’s entering his third season in the NFL.

There are a few quality veteran names that will not only provide the Colts with leadership but production as well. Namely, TY Hilton and Julio Jones.

However, Indianapolis hasn’t made a move on either, but the team has its reasoning. Recently, Chris Ballard gave insight to fans on the reasoning.

Chris Ballard’s reason for not signing a veteran receiver

In a recent interview on “The Anvil”, Ballard was asked about adding a veteran wide receiver to help lead the group. Ballard’s response offered a few reasons why they haven’t done that yet.

First, he highlighted that the wide receivers unit’s new coach is Reggie Wayne and that he’s probably the best mentor these young guys can have. With his experience in this league, Wayne is the team’s veteran receiver in a way.

Ballard also acknowledged Pittman’s growth and said that he’ll have the opportunity to keep growing into a leader. The other important part of Ballard’s response was, “we just want to get a good look at these young guys.”

The concern about this group is how inexperienced they are and Ballard is acknowledging that. That’s why the team is using this time to get them action in practice so that Indy can see what they have in them.

If they are underwhelming and give the Colts any hesitation, Ballard also admitted that bringing in a veteran isn’t “off the table.” The goal right now is just to evaluate the young guys and “see where we (the Colts) need to go from there.”