Does Kenny Moore deserve a new contract from the Colts?

Kenny Moore is sitting out of the Indianapolis Colts OTAs because he’s frustrated with his current contract. Does he deserve a new deal?

On Wednesday, the Indianapolis Colts held their first open OTA practice. One of the first things media members noticed is that Pro Bowl defensive back, Kenny Moore, was standing on the sideline in sweats. Fortunately, Moore wasn’t sidelined due to an injury. It was reported that he was intentionally sitting out because of frustrations with his current contract.

Moore, who’ll be entering his sixth professional season next year, has two remaining years on his current contract. He’s set to earn $6.75 million in 2022 and $7.545 in 2023. These are the final years of a four-year extension Moore signed in 2019, a contract that made Moore the highest-paid slot cornerback in the NFL at the time.

However, Moore now believes that he’s underpaid and he’s letting the team know. Frank Reich told the media that this is something the team has been aware of and that they value Kenny Moore.

Although Moore isn’t participating in practice, he is present and attentive, something that will be beneficial since the Colts have a new defensive coordinator. However, scheme can wait.

The focus for Moore right now is his contract. He believes he’s worth more money and he wants to be paid what he’s worth, but does he deserve a new contract from Indianapolis?

Are the Colts underpaying Kenny Moore?

When Moore was extended in 2019, he was rightfully the highest-paid slot cornerback. With two years remaining on the deal, it’s safe to say that he’s lived up to that billing.

Moore has been a dominant defender for the last four seasons. Last year, Moore finally was selected to his first Pro Bowl, something that was long overdue.

He recorded 102 tackles, six for a loss, one sack, one forced fumble, and four interceptions. He also played in every game for the Colts last season.

That really benefitted Indianapolis because they ask a lot of Moore every week. The word that best describes Kenny Moore as a defender is versatile. He’s asked to do a number of tasks weekly for the Colts and he does a great job at all of them.

Whether it’s guarding receivers on the outside or inside, bumping in to defend tight ends, or shooting gaps to take down ball carriers in the backfield. Moore handles whatever responsibilities are thrown at him and he’s established himself as one of the best defenders in the NFL.

So to answer the question of does Kenny Moore deserve a new contract, the answer is easily yes. Moore has outperformed his last contract and he’s right to feel that he’s underpaid, because he is.

His current average annual earning of $8.325 million is 47th among defensive backs, safeties and outside corners included. It’ll be hard to come up with a list of 46 defenders better than Kenny Moore, let alone 46 defensive backs.

This situation is simple, Kenny Moore has proved himself as one of the best defenders in football and has proved his value to the Colts. Now it’s time for Indianapolis to pay the man what he’s worth.