Parris Campbell is motivated by everyone saying Colts don’t have receivers

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - OCTOBER 17: Parris Campbell #1 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - OCTOBER 17: Parris Campbell #1 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

Indianapolis Colts receiver, Parris Campbell, is motivated by the offseason discussion about Indy’s receiver room.

All offseason, the wide receiver group for the Indianapolis Colts has been under a microscope. Fans and media have both highlighted the lack of depth in the group and how that must change this offseason.

These criticisms have only intensified since the Colts traded for Matt Ryan. Indy now has a quarterback but many argue that Ryan won’t have any weapons outside of Michael Pittman Jr.

These are narratives that everyone has heard, including members of the team. Players haven’t publicly responded, but that changed on Wednesday.

Wide receiver, Parris Campbell, posted a video in a now-deleted tweet that was a response to the common critique. In the video, Campbell records a newspaper showing a piece by Joel A. Erickson titled “Colts haven’t given Ryan a WR or TE yet.” Campbell then flips the camera to himself, throws up the peace sign, and says “Bet.”

Erickson has clarified via Twitter that the piece wasn’t written to be a shot at Campbell or any of the pass-catchers on Indy’s roster but just to highlight Chris Ballard’s and Frank Reich’s reasoning on why Indy hasn’t added pass-catchers yet.

Both Ballard and Reich have discussed this with the media multiple times throughout the offseason. Ballard has admitted that it was tough recruiting free agents when they didn’t have the quarterback position resolved and Reich continues to express his belief in the receivers already on the roster.

While they both admit that Indy can use more receiving help they also say that the Colts aren’t desperate enough to make over-aggressive moves just to do it.

While all this talk about adding receivers may not be an explicit critique of guys on the roster like Campbell, a competitor of that nature will certainly take it as motivation.

Parris Campbell working to be impact receiver for Colts

Campbell has flashed his talent but unfortunately for everyone, he has been unable to remain on the field. The young receiver’s three-year career has been filled with injury and as a result, he has only appeared in 15 games since entering the league in 2019.

Despite the obstacle-filled road, Campbell does not doubt that he still can be a quality receiver in this league and he is doing everything he can to be available for a full season to prove it.

In a YouTube series that looks into the life of Campbell and his family, Parris expresses that he knows he is still a playmaker and even with the injuries, he has never lost faith.

He highlights his religion and his family as the reason he keeps moving forward with a positive mindset despite the hand of injuries he has been dealt.

Fortunately for Campbell, the Colts also still believe in him. Chris Ballard said earlier in the offseason that Indy isn’t quitting on Campbell.

He will return to Indianapolis for the final season of his rookie contract and it will be the most important season of his professional career.

Campbell is hoping to remain healthy so that it can also be the biggest year of his career and he can show everyone that the Colts have another quality receiver.