Pat McAfee is doing his best to recruit Aaron Rodgers to the Colts

Former Indianapolis Colts punter, Pat McAfee, is using his relationship with Aaron Rodgers to recruit the QB to Indy.

It’s no secret that the Indianapolis Colts are likely exploring their options for upgrading at the quarterback position. Frank Reich, Chris Ballard, and Jim Irsay have all made statements alluding to that possibility.

If the fans could pick the quarterback for Indy to pursue, there would be two leading candidates: Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. So far, there have been two massive efforts from the public to get one of those quarterbacks to Indianapolis.

One of those efforts is Colts fans doing their best photoshop work on Twitter in order to manifest a quarterback change. The other effort has been by former Colts punter, Pat McAfee, and his direct recruitment of Rodgers.

Rodgers has a good relationship with McAfee and that is evident in his weekly appearances on “The Pat McAfee Show.” Rodgers’s latest appearance came a few days after the Green Bay Packers were eliminated from the postseason.

It’s no secret that Rodgers’s future is uncertain, so McAfee took some time to slide in a pitch for Indianapolis.

Pat McAfee pitches joining the Colts to Aaron Rodgers

With the assist from AJ Hawk, McAfee mentioned to Rodgers how Indianapolis’ roster is set with a good defense and an MVP-caliber running back and that Rodgers is already fitting in with his blue apparel.

The guys laughed it off, but Rodgers did say four words that many Colts fans would love to hear, “I’ll come to Indy.” However, the context of his statement wasn’t about football teams.

Rodgers was telling McAfee that he will come to Indianapolis to be in-studio to announce his decision. If Indy’s front office could pull it off, maybe his decision would be that he’s staying in Indianapolis.

Rodgers joining the Colts would make them immediate contenders. He’s coming off two consecutive seasons of MVP football and would be added to a talented roster.

That gives Indianapolis a good chance to get a ring in the next one or two years, or however many more seasons Rodgers plans on playing.

However, that decision hasn’t been made yet, so fans must continue to wait.