Colts could lose majority of their best unit this offseason

With the start of free agency approaching, the Indianapolis Colts are at risk of losing key players from the team’s best unit.

The second the Indianapolis Colts season ended, fans began to shift their focus to the offseason. Many speculated what big-name free agents could be brung to Indy to give the team a better fate.

While a lot of the focus is on players that didn’t play last season with Indianapolis, there are a few key players, currently on the Colts, who fans should hope re-sign with Indy.

Those players are Ashton Dulin, George Odum, Zaire Franklin, and Matthew Adams. They aren’t the biggest names on the team, however, they are all top contributors on Indy’s special teams.

Colts could lose key special teams players to free agency

Indianapolis finished this season as the second-best special teams in the NFL, the second-consecutive year Indy has been in the top five.

This consistent production is because of guys like Dulin, Odum, Franklin, and Adams, who have spent years with the Colts and are committed to dominating on every special teams unit.

With all of them entering free agency, the possibility of them all leaving should be a concern for Indianapolis. While the Colts do have other things that need upgrading, a great special teams group is needed to contend.

That was exemplified in the Divisional game between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, where a blocked punt for a touchdown was the difference.

There’s also the famous cautionary tale of the 2010 San Diego Chargers. They had the No. 1 offense and No. 1 defense, but missed the playoffs, largely in part to their league-worst special teams.

It’s evident the difference a team’s special teams unit makes. Close games often come down to a big play or costly mistake on special teams. When those moments arise, it’s best to have a group that will likely make the big play and not the costly mistake.

For the past few seasons, Indy has had that group. This offseason, the front office must make sure the Colts have that group next year. It’s not as simple as just taking any backups and throwing them out there, special teams are a craft just like offense and defense.

Ashton Dulin, George Odum, Zaire Franklin, and Matthew Adams have mastered that craft, so it’s best if they continue to showcase that in Indy.